The Company
Intimare, Florentine Firm run by a family, was born first like a stockings and collants producer and, from 1979, with the trade-mark Intimare to produce bathing-costumes, bathing-clothes and accessories, and with the trade-mark Kerasia to produce corsets, personal underwear, lingerie, with the desire to bring always a wave of good taste, of youthful and up-to date style to all with an exclusive retailing. The firm produces clothes of very good quality and very easy to dress with the best materials available on the international market. We can even produce clothes following the client's drawings or his indications. Intimare cooperated and cooperate nowadays with important fashion firms like: Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Tullio di Lorenzo, Modyva, Privilegio, Timberland, Naj-Oleari, Sasch, Madeleine(Germany), Itochu(Japan), Emilio Cavallini, Mother's Work, Artistic Theaters of the Opera of Rome, Venice, Montecarlo.
Intimare goes to the sea with the young but not only. The one who doesn't want to be like the others. The one that wants to try, to experiment, to create. People loving to be well-dressed, but being able to smile about their choices.The sexy woman who conquers and charms,but that then can even wink at herself and laugh.Entire bathing-costumes and bikinis.Smart costumes or fresh and sparkling.Intimare goes to the sea,doesn't mix itself with the others,but attract sympathies.A cut,a buckle,a double-face.All is studied and exact.But everything is a play.The play of femininity,the play of creation.The role of choosing by yourself the role,the bathing-costume and the mood.And then,have a nice summer and enjoy yourself!!!!
We accept criticism and suggestions,too.We'll try to answer to everyone as soon as possible.
Intimare di Borgiotti Debora
via Niccoli, 217 - 50051 Castelfiorentino (FI)
ph. ++39 0571 672170 fax ++39 0571 672344